Why Floral Boxes Filled With Preserved Roses Are The Best Gift For Loved Ones

October 21, 2020

Roses are renowned for being luxurious, gorgeous gifts for loved ones. Aside from their rich, vibrant colors and soft, supple petals, they help you express your feelings in so many ways. A deep crimson for fiery passion, a perfect white for purity and innocence, and a solemn black for the passing of someone special.  

There's only one problem – although a lovely sentiment, their beauty, and symbolism are not timeless. After being picked, sorted, stored, and transported, they tend to only last a week – and can start to wilt within days. That's where floral boxes filled with preserved roses come in. Let's take a closer look!

What Are Preserved Roses?

Preserved roses are exactly what they sound like – fresh, natural roses that have been preserved to capture their beauty and vibrancy for longer. Essentially, through a 'dewatering' process, their moisture was replaced with a natural preservation liquid that helps last for a year (and sometimes even longer when cared for properly).

They are 100% real and natural, although some can be dyed to create custom arrangements for celebrations. At L’amour Rose, our roses are hand-dyed and dewatered the moment they are hand-picked from the farm, ensuring we capture their beauty at its peak.

We arrange and style our roses in floral boxes for added longevity, ranging from 25 to a single bloom. Some of our elegant, transparent floral boxes for roses are embellished with sparkling gems and ribbons for that special touch. We even encase single blooms within a luxurious velvet box reminiscent of those expensive jewels are stored in.

Why Should I Order One For My Special Someone?

Look And Feel That Lasts

Rather than spoiling someone with roses that arrive looking tired and need a lot of TLC to lengthen their already shortened lifespan, floral boxes filled with roses will keep their beauty for up to a year – without the need for maintenance.

There's no need for a vase, water, nutrients, or picking up petals. As long as they are away from direct sunlight and kept encased in their boxes, they will continue to wow your special someone every day!

Exquisite And Environmentally Friendly

The gift of roses is a timeless tradition. And although a romantic sentiment, this trend is actually terrible for our environment. Millions of roses are grown, picked, packaged, transported, and discarded across the globe every day. With preserved roses, you can reduce the number of resources, natural land, fuel, plastic, and waste that comes with live roses.

Colors For Every Occasion

Depending on the florist you choose, preserved roses are bursting with potential when it comes to colors, from blue to black, purple, and beyond! At L'amour Rose, our hand-dyed color palettes are boundless. You can customize your colors to suit any occasion or spoil any person. Think metallic gold, matte champagne, pastels, plum, and more!

Floral boxes bursting with preserved roses are the undisputed champion when it comes to picking a gift for that special someone. The symbolism and feelings they express will last for months, letting your loved one revel in their radiance every day.

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